Who are we?

MITTENDRIN leben is a registered association. Since 1993 we have been integrating people with mental health problems and people with learning disabilities into everyday life in the district of Marzahn-Hellersdorf.

What do we want?

Our staff membership consists of experienced professionals including psychologists, therapists, educationalists etc. They provide a high quality of care for both people with mental health problems and for people with learning difficulties .

How do we work?

MITTENDRIN leben offers:
opportunities for supported living
psychosocial consultations for individuals and their relatives
support during times of crisis including self-help strategies
a range of accomodation for meetings

Our projects are:
Cared living / supported living

At the moment our association offers supported living to 120 people with mental illness/mental health problems in their own flats. Together with doctors, the social psychiatric service and other authorities, our colleagues give individual help to people during the process of integration and social recovery.
Also there are 70 places for individuals within 9 communal flats.
We also care for people who have a chronic alcohol dependency problem.

Day care centre

Here 20 service users are cared for within the occupational therapy department. Opportunities include:
planning of the day including domestic activities
preparation for employment under protected conditions
artificial activities with different kinds of materials

Also we work with immigrants from Eastern Europe. We offer to teach them German and how to manage their day to day life in Germany.

Working project

Some of our service users are able to work a few hours a day. Most come from our day centre and have already got some work experience. Under the guidance of our therapists they make figures out of plaster (for decoration), help to renovate flats, gardening and maybe recycling work. There is also a range of opportunities for leisure time activities (e.g. table tennis, pottery etc.).

Youth living

We have accommodation comprising of a house with 8 single rooms and all utilities which is run by qualified educationalists. This is for teenagers who have experienced difficulties living with their families and need support to be re-intergrated into society. They are supported to readjust to everyday living, to get on with people and cope with the requirements of school and home.

Settlement Centre

The centre is a popular meeting place for people with and without disabilities. There are many leisure activities available which can be enjoyed within a caring environment for people from the neighbourhood.
One of our aims is to offer support and advice for people with mental illness from whatever social status living within the Borough. For legal advice a lawyer is available. The centre offers courses in German as a foreign language for late repatriates and they can participate in the social activities also. A weekly tenants association meeting enables people to get support and advice on a range of issues in relation to their tenancy.

To get more information about our centre contact us on: